50% of my life is ryan haywood’s “nah” and the other 50% is ray narvaez jr’s “why”

Haikyuu!! Volume 10 → Bonus Chapter

※ In case it isn’t clear, Kenma is likely referring to the author’s elder brother.

“Tobio, I might actually lose to you with how quickly you evolve. But that won’t be today!”

oikawa tooru
A set featuring a bunch of tiny and cute Oikawa Toorus
"I want to win."
"I won't throw any more tosses that I have to apologize for."


The first fleshed out post in who knows how long…..! 


I got on the bandwagon late but hey it’s my first time doing this meme and I knew exactly who to go for first

Ushiwaka, Shiratorizawa